Leah LaChapelle is a New Paradigm messenger. She is a trans-dimensional awakening coach, speaker, and author of the fictional teaching novel Soul Shade and the non-fiction companion guidebook ChAMbers of Consciousness – Assemblage Points for Self-Governed Planetary Community. UNZipping Reality–11 Steps to Create the World We Want is offered as an e-book. Having read Handbook for the New Paradigm (Bridgerhouse Publishing) in 2003, her interest has consistently been to ground the energies of the next paradigm on Earth by empowering others to form assemblage points, for a Self-governed planetary community, that are based upon Freedom. Leah lives in Austin, Texas with her prime, Wayne (Wa) LaChapelle. She has four grown children and six grandchildren (so far). Her signature phrases are: “Us luv Us” and “Trust, Know, Be, and Do the Process!”

Leah’s Coaching:

Waking Up to…..Me in 5D! Trans-Dimensional Awakening Coaching gives a whole new life perspective for operating on a higher frequency in 5th dimensional awareness.  

5D Agents for Transformation coaching is your call to mastery as a 5D messenger.

Offered in affordable packages and on a sliding scale in person, by phone, or Skype/Zoom. Leah’s coaching supports you as the messenger that you are, to influence others and living into the Great Awakening that is occurring right now for All Humanity.

5D Workshops with Leah are…..
….. powerful activations into 5th dimensional responsibility and sense of galactic mission for connecting with your Soul. The experiential nature of Leah’s workshops open the way for planetary community.

She prepares you for lighter density planetary reality, the developing of new abilities, and aligning with y[Our] Soul, for responsibly establishing the ground floor of the New Paradigm.

You are invited to become Recognizable: To remember that you have the quality that causes an “other” to know and remember their authentic Self.