Ascension Languaging

Ascension Languaging

Cause a seismic vibrational shift in your language…..
…..and see how 5D feels!

Humans have been conditioned and programmed
largely through the vibration of Our language.
We can break Our conditioning and programming,
by intentionally shifting Our choice of words and their associated 3D vibration!

What I call “Ascension Languaging” is a simple reorienting of Our conventional vocabulary away from classic mind control words, and upgrading to words that spark a realignment to Soul-empowerment. By consciously choosing to discontinue the use of certain control-based slavery words, and replacing them with higher perspective, higher resonance words, We grow Our perception from within, and shift Our outer awareness. For example, I strongly suggest that the word “war” be removed from Our routine vocabulary. Operating in the lower vibrational frequency of Human-against-Human in conflict, violence, and destruction is feeding Our unevolved 3D slavery, and which has run its course.
This is not to say that all war will automatically stop because you stop saying the word “war”, but there will be a marked choice for Ascension that opens up, so that the concept of war can be recognized as an expression of a lower and untransformed vibration. Then it can be re-contextualized, and war’s prominence diminished. Exercising this individual choice expands both the speaker’s capacity, and Our capacity as a species, to embody a New Paradigm of peace.

Contribute to the composite consciousness by learning these valuable 5D word upgrades. Would you like to know a word upgrade for “war”?

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