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This website is dedicated to raising awareness and
heart-centeredness in fifth dimensional consciousness,
or 5D as it is called.

What is 5D?

5D is Our next place on the path of Human evolution. It is physical life beyond polarized extremes, in a lighter density of experience, with full knowledge of Our origin, and therefore having the capacity to discharge the deceptive custodians of old, with the capacity to Self-govern. 5D is the recognition and embracement of individual and planetary Sovereignty. There is a place reserved for 5D peaceful planet Earth, at the galactic table.   It is time for as many of Us as possible to graduate from Duality, into Oneness.

How do We evolve – together – as mandated for Our ascension into a New Paradigm of peace?  We take responsibility, and….. REMEMBER….. why we came here in the first place. The good news is that, information about who and what We really are as eternal Soul beings, is available! Once awakened and remembered, this new context is ever-ready on our lips, and within all of our vibrational offerings. When We diffuse this message to others, Our Human family becomes informed and interconnected on a higher level of consciousness, thus empowering the status quo to supersede the false narrative that has been imposed throughout history.

It is my joy to bring you many different learning modules for supporting you on your unique evolutionary journey to wholeness and fulfillment, transcendent of fear. Being the Process is discovering transcendent power within, for loving yourSelf free from your own attachments and limitations, while embracing Our global peace-making mission, so that you experience a vibrational upgrade in your Presence.

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