5D Watch Party

What is a 5D Planetary Community Watch Party?

Have you longed to gather with others who are passionate about ushering in a New Paradigm? The New Paradigm is all about coming together in new and higher vibratory ways. Many of Us like to watch movies and watch them – – together! Download Leah’s Planetary Community Watch Party and you will have a distinctive and interactive frequency in a community setting that is 5D!

Here are the simple steps that empower you
to make a vibrational difference in Our world:

• Purchase the 5D Watch Party video with pdf guidelines ($88) Don’t let money get in your way. You may charge a reasonable fee to attendees. Ex: 4 people at $22 each covers your cost! Or you may offer it as a gift or charge whatever you like and even come out ahead.

• Make sure you have tech set up that can project what is on your computer onto a larger screen, such as a TV. If you don’t, there are plenty of people who do. Find someone who does have this ability and ask them if they’d like to participate by opening their home.

• Schedule 3+ hours for your party at your home or venue. The actual workshop is 2 hours 15 minutes and you will want plenty of interaction time.

• Read over the facilitator guidelines before your party. Decide if you want a potluck or provide light refreshments.

• Invite those people whom you feel would be interested in experiencing the 5D frequency.

• Be a part of the Great Shift of the Ages by facilitating a 5D Planetary Community Watch Party according to the simple guidelines for interactive stop/start and talking points.

• Have fun! Know that you are making a vibrational difference for Our planet!

Us luv Us!