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It is time for Humanity to claim Our birthright.

The time has come for Us to claim Our birthright.

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5G and Health

                         5G and Health

                        by Wayne LaChapelle May 2020

This is a conversation to explore the full spectrum of the societal effects of 5G technology regarding our health asking: Could it be that amidst the rush to embrace the benefits of 5G, there could potentially be harmful effects to the human biological system and the environment? This Blog is dedicated to sharing information regarding the impact of technology, primarily 5G and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s), on our health, so that can make more informed choices.

5G technology, in particular, is expected to contribute towards solutions for humanity’s long term challenges. In our haste to employ 5G, are we skipping over scientific inquiry regarding our health?

Overview of Wireless Technology
The first wireless cell phone call was made in April, 1973. Wireless cell phone technology has advanced approximately every decade since then, progressing from analogue to digital and generationally from 1G to 5G. The benefits of wireless technology have been enormous, and with its generational progression, we are now surrounded by devices using wireless technology: From cell phone towers and cell phones, to WIFI, to “smart” meters and virtual reality. This brings us to EMF’s.

EMF’s are invisible areas of energy often referred to as radiation. EMF’s are grouped into two categories: Non-ionizing radiation and ionizing radiation. The focus of this Blog post is to discuss radio-frequency (RF) microwave radiation, more colloquially known as wireless radiation, a type of non-ionizing radiation emitted by things like microwave ovens, cell towers, WIFI routers and Bluetooth.

There is now a robust body of peer-reviewed, independent scientific research linking exposure to wireless radiation with serious adverse biological impacts in humans ranging from cancer to neurological problems to reproductive health complications. Direct and toxic oxidative effects on biological processes include biochemical changes in cellular structures and their membranes.



The human body is a bioelectrical field with electrical impulses sent to and from the brain to all organs, muscles and cells. This bioelectrical system is extremely delicate.



Here are just a few of the compelling studies that demonstrate the vast harm exposure to wireless radiation can have on human health:

* The US National Toxicology Program recently completed a $30 million dollar study which
concluded “clear evidence” of cancer associated with chronic, low-level exposure to wireless radiation.
* A study conducted by the Ramazzini Institute in Bologna, Italy found that laboratory animals exposed to the radio-frequency radiation emitted by distant cell towers had a greater chance of developing heart tumors that those which were not exposed. This study, funded in part by the US government was the first large-scale study to show clear evidence of cancer risk from far-field exposures.
* Several recent studies have been conducted to investigate the direct influence of electromagnetic radiation on sperm. The conclusion of virtually all independent studies is that men who carried their phones in a pocket or on a belt were more likely to have lower sperm counts and/or more or less mobile sperm. These tests corroborate similar results in laboratory animals.
* Researchers at Yale University examined over 900 people in Connecticut and found that cell phone users with certain single nucleotide polymorphisms (genetic variations commonly referred to as SNPs and pronounced as “snips”) were significantly more likely to develop thyroid cancer. “Our study provides evidence that genetic susceptibility influences the relationship between cell phone use and thyroid cancer,” said Yawei Zhang, MD, PhD, a professor in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences at the Yale School of Public Health.

Amplified Health Risks of 5G
First, let’s take a look at how different 5G is from prior generational technology.
Please take 6 minutes to watch this video “Everything You Need to Know About 5G”  

* 5G has much higher, untested, millimeter and submillimeter RF waves.
* Dense deployment of 5G-enabled small cell attennas installed in close proximity to homes, businesses and schools compared to 4G towers placed approximately every half mile.
* Beam-steering phased array antenna system which exposes the public to more concentrated beams of wireless radiation compared to previous generations of wireless technology.
* Launch of 20,000-56,000 worldwide satellites creating the possibility of space junk and possible ozone layer problems from rocket fuel as compared to no satellites for 4G and only 1,738 satellites in orbit in 2017.

The rapid rollout of 5G is being rationalized based on the lack of current bandwidth to
handle/sell new devices coming on line (about 14.2 billion devices worldwide now, with 55 billion devices predicted by 2025). The speed of the new 5G would allow downloads in seconds and much lower latency which would bring: Creation of “smart” cities; self-driving cars; IoT (Internet of Things – the connectivity of all wireless devices) and immersive education (learning with the use of artificial or simulated environments).

All of these things certainly sound like progress………but at what cost to public health?

Simple Alternatives to 5G Protection
Many consumers have already replaced wireless systems in their homes by installing ethernet cables. If you choose to keep a WIFI router in your home, turn it off when not in use and when sleeping to reduce your exposure to harmful EMF’s. Avoid carrying your cell phone on or near your body, use your speaker or a wired headset when talking on the phone. When your phone is not in use, put it on airplane mode or shut it off completely. You can measure EMF’s in your home/office using the Coronet ED88 Plus – about $200.
     -Or-                                                                      Replace wireless technology completely by having a national network of in-ground fiber optic cable and using ethernet cables in the home/office.

Some Final Thoughts
* Swiss Re, the Simple Alternatives to 5G Protection largest reinsurance company in the world classified 5G as a “high impact” liability risk in its 2018 SONAR Emerging Risks report.
* Verizon, in its annual SEC 10K filed February 21, 2020 states, “Our wireless business faces
personal injury and wrongful death law suits relating to alleged health effects ofwireless
phones radio frequency transmitters. We may incur significant expenses in defending these law suits…..we may be required to pay significant awards or settlements.”
* Frank Clegg, former President of Microsoft Canada, is strongly opposed to the 5G rollout due to its health risks, as evidenced in this 10 minute Youtube video, “5G Wireless Tech and Safety”  For further information on 5G technology and the challenges it poses to our communities, please visit,  a project of Americans for Responsible Technology.

Wayne LaChapelle
Retired Financial Executive
Austin, Texas