Agents for Transformation

5D Messenger Coaching with Leah

4 one-hour Coaching Sessions, by phone or online conference – Package $242

This 5D invitation has found you
because your heart is hearing a call.

The time to transcend duality has come. This isn’t an Old Paradigm “call to arms”, but a 5D Call to Mastery. This 4-session package (with scheduled check-ins) is affordable and serves as a catapult to get you uniquely in action to align with and fulfill your Soul purpose and Galactic mission. As an Agent for Transformation, you will be REVEALING the new Human archetype, and activating your dormant DNA, by making contact with other Human Beings who are ready for your Self-empowering message. By remembering who We really are and by vibrationally sharing that remembrance with others, is how We evolve Our species and Our planet.

You’ve been doing your inner work, going from Asleep….. to Awake….. to Aware….. and now you will be continuing your individuated awakening progression into 5D and beyond. After all, you’ve been asking, “What can I do? What is my role?” This is your next step, as the liberator of Humanity that you are.

Session 1
A l I v e

YOUR ALIVENESS as a 5D Messenger – Many are becoming Recognizable in the Great REVEALING of the New Human Archetype. Take the 5D Agents for Transformation questionnaire to determine your 5D Messenger archetype. This then sets the stage for synchronistic encounters, and getting equipped with a tangible offering that attracts them.

Session 2
A b o u n d

YOUR ABOUNDING as a 5D Messenger – You will be “putting yourSelf at risk” and experiencing a divine encounter! Finding your new 5D capacity will bring you in contact with someone in your daily life, either known or a stranger. Getting their contact info for following up to set up the possibility of further discussion will be a joy.

Session 3
A s s I s t

YOUR ASSISTING as a 5D Messenger – You will be reaching out to your contact(s) and inviting them to have a direct experience with you at a coffee shop, restaurant, park, or neighborhood pub. Connecting in Soul-to-Soul expression, in gratitude and ease, through your I Am Presence will enlarge your 5D capacity and theirs. You will share with them and listen on a Soul level, and either introduce them to or underscore their divine status.

Session 4
A u t h e n t I c a t e

YOUR AUTHENTICATING as a 5D Messenger – Host a 5D Watch Party  and invite your contactees. You can also simply gather your contactees together (at least 3 including you) for interconnecting in a 5D frequency. This is how We establish a new Presence on Earth, transcendent of the old frequency.

Contact Leah to schedule your appointment: or call 512-291-2743

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